Sigma Phi Omega was founded in 1949 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles by a group of 17 Japanese women in response to World War II and Pearl Harbor growing anti-Asian-American sentiments. Initially, Chi Alpha Delta invited our founding mothers to become one of their chapters. However, to protest against the prevalent anti-Asian-American stigma, they decided to take the controversial step of becoming a sorority themselves.


Today, we are the oldest continuing Asian-American sorority in the nation, as well as the third oldest Asian American sorority ever founded. Since 1949, Sigma Phi Omega has expanded across the United States, forming multiple chapters in California and Texas, consisting of a multitude of women from various cultures and backgrounds.


Stop Abuse For Everyone.

Our national philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, and throughout the year we host multiple events that benefit the victims of local Austin shelters, SAFE and SAHELI. Every fall, we host  S.A.F.E Week to educate, inform, and raise a monetary contribution for victims of abuse. Past activities have included: kick-off rallies, street carnivals, donation drives, creating pepper spray from scratch, dodgeball tournaments, talent shows, and much more. The Gamma Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin is proud to have won the National Service Award across all Sigma Chapters for three years in a row. Although preventing domestic violence is our main pillar, Sigmas are not limited to just that. Many of our members spend their time volunteering at Dell Children's Medical Hospital, Workers Defense Project, local elementary and middle schools, non-profit organizations in foreign countries, other affiliated UT Projects such as Brave the Shave, Explore UT, Project, and Texas 4000. Sigmas truly believe in our motto "The reward is in the doing" and are proud to give a lending hand to the Austin community.

Our Tri-Family


Sigma Phi Omega is the oldest and largest Asian-American sorority and part of the only tri-family on campus. We have a brother fraternity Omega Phi Gamma, a cousin fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi and chapters spread across Texas and California. Each year, a different chapter hosts our National Convention, and our members have the opportunity to visit new cities with brothers and sisters from all over the country. Tri-fam welcomes new members with open arms and helps each member find bigs and mentors to help guide them through their college years and on. We are proud to say that many of our family members have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, and successful professionals.